Information regarding school attendance.

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Bell schedule

View McKinney Boyd's bell schedules.

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Meet our team of counselors.

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View all other forms.

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Information regarding student parking.

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School registration information.

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Testing schedule

See the altered schedule for testing days.

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VOE Form

Information about Verification of Enrollment forms.

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Information on accessing HAC, Canvas, Naviance, etc.

To access any of these services, please use the Quick Links dropdown (on desktop: top right corner; or on mobile: press the top bar's three bars, then scroll down to the very bottom "Quick Links").

Home Access Center

Your Home Access Center login is one either:

  1. Consisting of the username in the format s123456 (123456 is the student ID) and the password random numbers and digits, OR
  2. Consisting of a parent's full name (John.Doe) and the password was given to the parent.

There is no current way to customize HAC login information without going through the school district.

Canvas, Destiny

Canvas, Destiny use McKinney ISD's LDAP server for login verification, the same system as the login for student MacBooks and school computers.

By default, the username is in the format s123456 (123456 is the student ID) and the password is the student's birthday in the format MMDDYYYY.


Naviance uses the student's ID as both the username and password, preceded by "s" (e.g. s123456 for BOTH username, password).